Fiber Optic Cables

OKI-FORT offers a complete range of fiber optic cables, from Indoor, Duct grade to Outdoor.


Key Features

Moisture Protection without Jelly Fill-In Compound


  • UV Cured Hermetic Coating HF™
  • Water-Proof 900µm or 2.8 mm sheath
  • Polypropylene inner sheath
  • Possibility of incorporating a water-absorbent tape for highly exposed cables

Cable Armouring

fiber-optic-armouring For Outdoor cables, OKI-FORT offers various options for metallic and non-metallic armoured cables:

  • Corrugated steel tube, corrugated aluminum tube, double steel tape and Lead sheath
  • It’s unique non-metallic armoured cable (CHEMALLOY® + fiber glass) not only offer added protection from lightning strike, but also offer cost reduction and ease of installation as no grounding is required.

Peripheral Strength Members

fiber-optic-loose-tube All OKI-FORT outdoor cables are fitted with fiber glass or Aramid Strength members between the inner sheath and the cable’s outer jacket.

  • No need to free the central strength members to pull the cable
  • Very easy cable termination
  • Cable Jacket with high mechanical strength
  • Easy installation of the cable by pull the outer jacket

Crushing Protection

All OKI-FORT outdoor cables have at least two polymer sheaths. The polypropylene inner sheath provides additional crushing strength.

Loose Tube Construction


  • The fibers are independent of the cable jacket
  • Fibers are assembled in cable with excess length, therefore, the cable can withstand sheath elongation without stress on the fiber
  • No risk of damaging fibers during cable installation
  • Easy to prepare and strip

Outer Sheath


Indoor cables: Low Smoke Zero Halogen Jacket

  • (BS 6425,VDE 0207, NFC 32-062)
  • Fire-resistant (IEC 332 Part 1, NFC 32-070)
  • PVC sheath – Does not propagate flame (UL 1666)

Outdoor cables: UV stabilized polyethylene jacket

  • Hydrocarbon resistant PVC jacket