While conventional electrical signal transmission soon comes up against limitations, the low damping properties and high transmission capacity of optical data transmission technology make it ideal for the transmission of signal with high bandwidths over long distances. FiberINTERFACES from Hirschmann ensure trouble free and fast data transmission for nearly all conventional industry standard interfaces: V.24/RS232, V.11/ RS422, RS485, audio, video, mouse-keyboard systems, TTL and TTY.

fiber-interfaces-overview Their field of applications is everywhere where functional safety is the highest aim. The change to fiber optic transmission makes it easier to plan your projects. “Plug and Play” components considerably reduce costs.

Key Benefits

Trouble free data transmission

  • No interference by electromagnetic fields
  • Free cable distribution without consideration of cross power cables

High performance

  • No Change to hardware or software necessary
  • Completely new applications possible for PLC, I/O and industrial PCs workstations.

High range

  • No limitation to the transmission rate and bandwidth – even with long fiber optic connections
  • Extremely large field bus networks over more than 100km

Interference immunity: lightning protection and galvanic insulation

  • No transmission problems caused by potential loops
  • FiberINTERFACES protect against data loss and destruction of terminal equipment

Cost reduction

  • Low downtime risks thanks to redundancy
  • Very fast installation
  • Short service times
  • Easy project planning